Pet & Animal Healing

Maggie receiving ReikiHealing session : Maggie with Adriana, at the Irvine Animal Care Center~ Irvine ,California
Reiki for Pet & Animals – In-Person or Distance Healing Safe and Natural
Master Reiki healer who specialize in Animal Reiki ,Adriana Cabrera brings compassionate, insightful care for you and your pet family for a comprehensive healing and deeper relationship with all the animals in your life.

Specialties: all animals and their companions, horses, farm, exotics and wildlife
Offering: distant treatments; in-person treatments.

Reiki is an effective form of complementary animal healing and when used alongside veterinary treatments can accelerate the healing process, ease pain, and improve, or help to continue, the animal’s quality of life

Let your animal friends enjoy the relaxing and healing experience of a Reiki Healing session.

Treatments involving animals rarely last as long as human sessions; they absorb Reiki energy a lot easier than we humans do. Usually, they will not sit still for an entire session – rather they receive Reiki for a few minutes, then wander off, only returning again a few more times for more healing.The healing often addresses the animal’s physical ailments as well as the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual issues.Whether in person or long distance, Reiki can helps to relieve stress, pain, emotional upset and heals on all levels.

Each animal needs are different. Depending on the situation, results can be seen immediately or within a day or two. Sometimes it is necessary to do several consecutive sessions in a short period of time to receive the maximum benefit.

During your initial consultation with Adriana, she will recommend an Animal Reiki plan
that will help you achieve your wellness goal.

Glenny & Adriana - Sleepover at Adriana's home ( wink )
I'm cute - Give me some Reiki
    • The benefits of a Reiki  Healing session for an animal:

      Works/heals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

    • Deepen the bond between human and animal companion.
    • Complements both conventional (allopathic) and holistic medicine.
    • It can help maintain health on all levels
    • Help and support for a dying animal and his humans to ease the transition at the end of life.
    • It is very helpful for any animal that has been in a shelter situation.
    • Induces deep relaxation and stress-reduction.
    • Over time, Reiki can reduce nervousness.
    • Can accelerate healing after surgery or illness.
    • Can help with behavior issues.
  • Reduces stress – relaxes nervous pets / animals
  • Helps emotional issues – creates a place of peace and safety
  • Great for trauma – PTSD issues- rescues – lost & missing pets
  • Natural and safe to use w/ any other treatments, Rx’s, remedy’s and protocols
  • Reiki for Animals used by many vets and professional offices
  • Reiki approved by VA for Veterans
  • Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike.

For clients in the Arizona Metropolitan Area of Phoenix,
Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Tempe, Adriana makes house calls, traveling to the home, barn or stable, and veterinarian

In -Person treatments ~Your House, Barn or Kennel

When treating animals, it is usually best to conduct the healing session in surroundings that they know and feel safe in, so I am available to come to your House, Barn, or Kennel as well. And if you are not local,you can choose the distant healing session, including internationally.

Office visit

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Services and Fees:

Your House, Barn, or Kennel

Initial Animal Reiki Sessions: are Forty-five minutes and includes: Client history, and a thirty- minute session.

$ 75.00

Follow Up = In Person Animal Reiki Sessions: are schedule at 30 minutes.

$ 50.00

***Travel Fee applies for house calls exceeding 10 miles radius from Phoenix ,AZ

Distant Healing

Distance healing sessions are  focused and concentrated Reiki and Crystals energy sent remotely, in the comfort of your home w/ no visitors intruding on pets.Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport feral.

Initial Distance Animal: are forty-five minutes and includes Client history, and a thirty-minute session + a follow up detailed explanation of the session via phone call, text or email including pictures of the session.

  • $60.00

Follow-Up Distance Animal : are thirty-minutes + a follow up detailed explanation of the session via phone call, text or email including pictures of the session.

  • $ 40.00

I suggest a minimum of three healing sessions to evaluate the healing process.

**Current Shelter Animals and Rescue Organizations -NO CHARGEanimated-cat-image-0066


~All sessions must be paid by the time of the appointment. For your convenience I accept most credit cards over the phone .

Please contact me if you have any on how I can help your furry baby..



DISCLAIMER: as with all complementary and alternative therapies, none of the services listed on this website are meant to be a substitute for proper Veterinarian diagnosis, treatment or care from your pet’s primary care Veterinarian.  Always consult your primary care veterinarian before starting any new complimentary or alternative therapies.