My Commitment to You

529574_10151354126841752_1278956780_nMy Commitment to You:

I am passionate about supporting my clients on their healing journeys, whether they come for physical symptoms, psychological exploration or pure curiosity. I strongly feel that every person is important and that everyone has a unique gift to contribute to this world. I believe that often when we face challenges in life, these can serve as an invitation to reconnect with our true selves, and reassess our life’s direction.

I am committed to providing heart-felt support, employing numerous techniques, so my clients may live more fully, feeling empowered and worthy, embodying their unique qualities.
Adriana Cabrera.


Adriana Cabrera

Intuitive Energy Healer-Reiki Master Teacher her work integrates a range of nurturing practices including Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal, Color and Sound Healing, Plant + Flower Medicine and Radiesthesia. 

An Ordained Minister, Certified Master in Reiki, Crystals, and Flower Essences Healing, Adriana Cabrera has been practicing Reiki and Spiritual Healing for over 15 Years. Believing that Complementary Holistic Alternatives should be used by both humans and animals, she provides Energy Clearing and Balancing for Physical and Emotional healing, for both people and pets, as well as spaces.

Using a Variety of healing techniques, a high sense of perception, and spiritual Guidance, Adriana Cabrera focuses on clearing blocked energy and balancing the body’s energy field through hands-on work and deep healing techniques.

Emphasis is placed on enabling to discover healing process and thus personalize its healing approach for her clients. Some of the techniques she uses are channeling the use of spiritual guidance, healing with color, sound, and crystals and work with auras. Through the unblocking and balancing of energy fields, the client has access to healing on all levels of functioning emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Practitioner of the following Reiki modalities: Usui-Kundalini-Huna -Archangels –Lavender Flame (Kuan Yin)