Laser Reiki


I am happy to offer Laser Reiki, as a part of the Integrated Energy Therapy sessions.

The healing method of practitioners of Laser Reiki Energy Healing is mostly based on the finding the energy blockage, transmuting the negative energy, or removing it, cleansing and restoring of the proper level of energy.

Laser Reiki  is used to apply the laser point of Source energy in the application of higher frequency energy needed to restore wellness and good health.

Health and well being will return to all. Health, wealth and happiness are inter connected and can be energized.In energetic healing we do not treat diseases or sickness but heal the low energy and the  complete person – body, mind, spirit – releases all their energy blockages, problems and sicknesses.

Practitioners in Laser Reiki Energy Healing differ from other practices and traditions is that they do try not heal just one aspect of the sickness.The Laser Reiki Energetic Healing practitioner heals the whole person paying equal attention to the person’s stress, anxiety, tension.  The soul, spirit and inner being is taken into consideration as well as the physical illness.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding Laser Reiki .


Adriana Cabrera ~Laser Reiki Practitioner