Space Clearing Comprehensive ~ Clearing & Dedication

Space Clearing also called Space Healing is a vital ritual in many cultures It traditionally involves using mantras,music, salt, herbs, essences, sound, incense or smudging flowers,candles,crystals, holy water, to raise the energetic vibrations and purify the atmosphere, thus blessing and consecrating a dwelling for the new occupants. It uses powerful techniques to shift stuck energy and create a bright, healing atmosphere in homes and workplaces

The main Space Clearing steps are:

First appointment – The assessment

Second Appointment -The Ceremony

 The Follow-Up – Via Telephone- Skype or Facetime

What happens during an assessment ?

Before a space clearing , decide on your intentions.  It is very important that you are clear about what you would like to have happen or bring about. There are many landmark events where space clearing is especially beneficial but it can be used even if you just feel stuck in your life, as if something is holding you back or keeping you from moving forward.


When I arrive at your home or workplace, I will ask you to show me around, and we will discuss what you are expecting to gain from the Space Clearing and Dedication .We shall discuss your experience of where you live, and all that you wish for your life, and while you compose a ‘wish list’, I shall sense the work to be done by asking the history of the building and a circuit of hand sensing or dowsing, reading the energies embedded in the walls, furniture and objects in the place. The information revealed by this process is usually a fascinating experience for the client  Then we can set up an appointment for the space clearing to take place- 

The Ceremony ( Clearing ,Healing & Dedication)

The first step involves setting up a blessing altar using a coffee table or other located spot in your home, on a colorful silk cloth will place candles, flowers, crystals, holly water, incense and other sacred items that I will use for the Space clearing .you may also want to place on the altar pictures of love ones, business cards or any other item that can represent your intentions for the Space clearing.spaceclearingphotoflores bonitas


  • This involves moving through the space working with the energy field and picking up those ‘stuck’ spots. measuring the energy with dowsing techniques,
  • Removing stagnant energies as necessary ,using clearing tools (  clapping, singing a mantra, using singing bowls and using Crystals Wands.

tibetan bowl


  •  Using holly water,chimes,incense,) or other features that might be included, cleansing and blessing the energy of each room.Incienso y planta


  • On this step I will ask you to walk through your home and state new intentions for each room. Using the tinkling sound of two harmony balls you’ll implant the new energies into the energy field of your home will follow behind you and seal your intentions with Sacred Symbols.Harmony Balls


  • The next step is to preserve the new energies, I will walk around and use a special space clearing bell, this special clearing bell that is from Bali and used only by a Priest .Using this Balinese Priest Bell dispels negativity, which creates a beautiful balanced ambience within which the harmonizing takes place. So that it remains pure, bright and balanced..Priest Bell con manoIn the last step, we return to the altar to give thanks and to welcome and to express appreciation for the new clear environment in your home.




 **** these steps are added if doing the ” Clearing and  Consecration Ceremony “-

  • Blessing and shielding on walls in the inside of the perimeter of the house with powerful  Healing Crystals Wands and Sacred Symbols.
  • Blessing and shielding the new energies on the outside perimeter of the house.with powerful  Healing Crystals Wands and Sacred Symbols.
  • Clearing and Balancing the energies of occupants of the house ( including Pets )





New Business Blessing and Dedication Ceremony – Portal Languages – Costa Mesa California.

My goal:Is to Clear and fill an space with positive energy to all the elements of an environment so that it benefits all the people, animals and plants that live, work and visit.


Fees for this service include two appointments with Adriana Cabrera, accessories (candles, fresh flowers) for the space clearing and dedication, and a follow-up meeting (generally via telephone). Any necessary long-distance travel expenses shall be reviewed with the client prior to departure and charged as incurred.


Every space is unique and has its own special requirements. To receive a free personalized quotation for a space clearing or dedication, please contact Adriana via the contact form, providing details about the size, type, and location of the space to be considered.