Space Clearing

Clear your House or Office or any other Physical Space from negative energies to promote the flow of Prosperity,Health & Love !


For overall well being clearing removes stagnant energy and lifts the emotional debris from the environment opening you up to experience greater flow and abundance. The follow up depends on you and your space. Some people seek my services for overall well being and energy flow while others have specific issues in their space. As energy continues to flow after I have been in the home, I like to get feedback and provide any follow-up required based on that feedback.



FEE: The special price I have on at the moment is  $ 180.00

  •  It is an  introductory fee for a standard space/home/condo /office (with two living spaces, ( one bedroom, one living room /dining area),bathroom and kitchen) .•Regular price is $ 300.00
  •  For any extra room, I charge another $ 50.00
  •   It takes me approximately 1 1/2  hours to clear a space room by room.

All sessions to be paid for at time of appointment. PayPal,All major credit cards accepted.

Spaces larger than 2,000 square feet, Dedication /Blessing ceremonies are all calculated on a per-project basis.

Please contact me for further information and special requests.To Schedule an appointment or to receive YOUR FREE CONSULTATION for any of these services , please contact Adriana at 602-554-5541 or via the contact form, providing details about the size, type, and location of the space to be considered and your telephone number.

I’ll  call you to discuss details and to schedule a time to come to your home or office.


Adriana Cabrera





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