Subtle Aromatherapy

I am happy to offer , Subtle Aromatherapy as a part of the Integrated Energy Therapy sessions.

What is Subtle Aromatherapy ?

Scent of flower petals







Ah… a fragrance washes over you and suddenly you are transported back in time to a treasured moment from long ago…. That is the beauty, the essence, the miracle of subtle aromatherapy.

Organic aromas such as freshly baked bread, a newly mown lawn, the salty sea, or the sweet smell of the earth after a rainfall fill our everyday lives. This is the sensory world of smell, which is one of the ways our being gives and receives information.

Aromas have the power to alter our physical body’s chemistry, our emotions, our thoughts and mental outlook, and our sense of spiritual connection.

Subtle Aromatherapy is intended to primarily affect the mental, emotion and spiritual aspects of the individual, addressing issues such as healthy lifestyle, stress relief, promoting relaxation, mental focus & clarity, fatigue, depression, meditation and exploring higher states of consciousness


NOTE:  The Healing essential oils will be dispensed into the air through room diffuser,candles or Spray Mist..They are not applied on the skin.