Do you have questions about your life’s purpose, your career, your relationships or your health? intuitive readings can offer guidance into any and all aspects of your lif

Sometimes these questions often arise and I have used these cards to help provide clarity and answers to my clients questions. I’ve found the pendulum and cards to be extremely accurate and provide a great deal of clarity.

Pendulum Readings


  • Love or Relationships
  • Career & Money
  • Lost Objects, People or Pets
  • Past Lives

As a reader, I divine using pendulums, oracle cards and by the gift of clairsentience (feeling). After years of focus and meditation, I am able to channel that gift upward, opening up my claircognizance (knowing) abilities. When I divine for you, I do more than read the pendulum or cards — I allow my spirit guides and intuitive gifts to lead me through the reading, showing me any extra information that is helpful. My clients know me to be down-to-earth, truthful, and straightforward. I won’t mince words or tell you only what you want to hear. An honest answer is always the best one.


                 $ 70.00 – 30 Minutes

                 $ 130.00 -60 minutes

Host a Psychic Party !

Receive a FREE reading when you host a “Psychic Party” just invite your friends and family to your home and I will come and give accurate readings.