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UPDATE: Although I’m still offering these services, I’m being guided by Spirit to  offer other alternatives for your well-being. Please visit my other website www.mayanwind.com to see which of my services can help  you most. Namaste !

I offer you a warm welcome to my website, a gathering place for mind, body & soul. As a healer my greatest joy comes from inspiring and helping you to become the empowered, optimistic, healthy and happy individual that you wish to be.

Expand your sense of well-being and unlock and maintain your full healing I’m here to assisting and empowering you in your creation of inner peace, balance, and health in your body and life.

If you are truly ready for your healing to begin, then come start the integrated process of journeying into the deepest layers of your being. Learn how to awaken and open yourself to vibrational healing. This will clear the blockages that have kept you from moving forward and pursuing a happy and joyful life.

Are you ready to heal?


Using a variety of healing techniques, a high sense of perception, And spiritual guidance, Adriana Cabrera focuses on clearing blocked energy and balancing the body’s energy field through hands-on work and deep healing techniques. Emphasis is placed on enabling to discover healing process and thus personalize its healing approach for her clients.

Some of the techniques she uses are channeling the use of spiritual guidance, healing with color, sound, crystals and work with auras. Through the unblocking and balancing of energy fields, the client has access to healing on all levels of functioning emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.


Adriana Cabrera ~Intuitive Energy Healer-Reiki Master/Teacher- her work integrates a range of nurturing practices including Shamanism, Reiki, Crystal, Color, Sound Healing, Plant + Flower Medicine and Radiesthesia.


 If you have questions or would like a FREE consultation or to schedule an appointment simply call  1 602-554-5541 or fill out the short form on the contact page and I will be in touch with you ASAP. I welcome your questions, want to learn more about you, and help guide you to a better life.


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Adriana Cabrera ~ Intuitive Energy Healer ~ Reiki Master

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